Vodka History - Origins, Invetors...

Vodka Classic Bottle

As with many other alcoholic drinks, history of vodka has its ups and downs during the 1000 years of its existence. Here you can find out more about this popular drink, events from the moments of its inception to the worldwide popularity it enjoys today.

History of Vodka

As one of the most popular alcoholic drinks today, vodka had very interesting history. Here you can find out more about it, from its inception in 10th century, slow battle to become national drink of Russia and Poland, all up to modern times where global consumers regard vodka as one of the most beloved drinks available.

History of Vodka in Poland

Vodka is a worldwide known drink that many believe originated from the Polish distilleries in 8th century AD. Here you can find out everything you need to know about more than thousand years of polish history, and the way they used Vodka as important tool for their national growth.